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Requesting Repeat Prescriptions

In Person Prescription
Registered for Online Patient Access Services?

Repeat prescriptions are medications which you need to continue on a regular basis, so you are not required to see a doctor every time it is prescribed. 

How to Request


Patients can request repeat prescriptions using the NHS App. The NHS App allows you to track the progress of your prescription. Patients are strongly advised to use the NHS App; available 24hrs a day.

If you would like to register online via this link

Please allow up to 48hrs for your medicine to be ready at your nominated pharmacy.

In Person

Patients on long-term medication should keep the right-hand slip that accompanies their previous prescription and tick the correct boxes to re-order. You can then put it in the RED BOX outside of the front door. Booking an appointment will not be necessary for this. Please allow up to 48hrs for your medicines to be ready at the pharmacy. 

Please note we do not accept prescription requests sent in via email.

Types of Prescriptions

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

EPS is a system where doctors are able to sign prescriptions electronically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice. You have to be signed up to use it.

Benefits of EPS:

- Faster prescriptions, ready for  you at your nominated pharmacy 

- No need to travel into the practice to pick up a paper prescription

- No lost prescriptions

Requests can be made online on the NHS App.


Paper Prescriptions

Paper prescriptions can be sought from reception at your GP practice.


Requests can still be made on the NHS App.


Patients can still track the progress of their prescription on the website, to know when it is ready for pick up.


Email Prescriptions

Please kindly note that we do NOT accept email prescriptions from the patients, nor pharmacies, as per NHS guidance.


Medication Reviews 

Patients on repeat prescriptions will require a medication review once a year conducted by a pharmacist or GP at the GP Practice. Notification of when your review is due will be shown on your prescription slip.

Please ensure an appointment is booked in advance to avoid prescription delays.

Emergency Prescriptions Requests 


Emergency prescription requests are requests for repeat medication which you have run out of and need, to prevent you becoming severely unwell.


Emergency medications includes:

  • Insulin

  • Inhalers

  • Anti-epileptic medication

  • Oral contraception

  • Adrenaline pens for anaphylaxis


Emergency prescription requests cannot be used for any medication which has been ordered late. 

If you need an emergency prescription request you will need to call reception before 1pm, they will pass on your request to a doctor. We will call you before 5pm, on the same day, to let you know the outcome. 


If you have run out over the weekend, contact your nominated pharmacy or dial 111. Please see NHS Choices for more information on Emergency Prescription Requests. 

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