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EU Citizens Advice

Many patients from the EU have approached us for advice regarding their healthcare status as a consequence of Brexit. The aim of this page is to reassure and support our patients.


Willesden Green Surgery prides itself on having multi-cultural patients from across the globe, and that very much includes the European Union!

NHS Advice

The NHS has guaranteed EU Citizens, living in the UK after the Brexit date (31st January 2020), of the following:

"If you are an EU citizen living lawfully in the UK on the day the UK leaves the EU, you will be able to use the NHS, as you can now, after that date" - NHS 2019
Similarly, with regards to citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), the NHS advises the following:
"The UK has agreed Citizens' Rights Agreements with (EEA) if the UK leaves the EU with a deal or without a deal. These agreements mean that citizens of these countries... will be able to use the NHS as they can now." - NHS
Based on the NHS' above advice, none of our EU patients will have their healthcare status affected by Brexit in any way. They will still be fully entitled to all NHS services, without exception.
EU Patients Entering the UK before 31st December 2020
For new patients, looking to register at our practice, if you moved to the UK as an EU citizen before the Brexit date (31st December 2020), you will also always be fully entitled to all NHS care. We will not ask patients to provide any proof of their entry date into the UK. 
The bottom line is, we will do everything that we can to support our patients and ensure our population's healthcare needs are met.
EU Patients Registering at Willesden Green Surgery 
Please note, all individuals living in the UK, regardless of status or country of origin, are entitled to GP healthcare - so Willesden Green Surgery will always care for any patient. The above information refers to other NHS services such as non-emergency hospital care. 
We do not request proof of ID or address so that we don't discriminate against people who may not have proof of ID. However, in the very rare circumstance where it appears that an incorrect address has been provided, we may request proof of address.
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