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Online Consultations

Following discussion and feedback, we have reverted back to eConsult. PATCHS is no longer in use


In July, the local PCN voted to start using PATCHS instead of eConsult as our online triaging service. The PCN has decided that PATCHS, in its current form, is not suitable for our practice and we will be revert back to eConsult with immediate effect. Patients have reported that eConsult is easier to access than PATCHS, not needing an account.

What is eConsult?

eConsult is a clever bit of software that allows you to quickly and safely get help and advice from your own doctors and GP practice online, for free, from anywhere. You don't need a login and triage is simple. 

eConsult is a form-based online consultation & triage platform the collects your medical or administrative request and sends it through to your GP practice to triage and decide on the right care for you and everyone else.

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