eConsult is a new exciting online electronic consultation service offered to all our patients. Your online consultation will be responded to by one of your doctors at Willesden Green Surgery. 
You can complete an eConsult form from the comfort of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You can complete an eConsult for any problem or query regarding your health or general wellbeing. eConsult is open all all concerns, even if your issue is an administrative, or a non-medical problem. 
Please follow the steps below to access eConsult for Willesden Green Surgery:
  1. Go to Willesden Green Surgery eConsult
  2. Choose "I want help for my condition"
  3. Choose your condition from the list of conditions. If you can't find your condition on the list, the click "Request General Advice"
  4. Click "I want treatment and advice from my GP"
  5. Complete the form as applicable, and our doctors will respond within 2 working days.
Please watch the video below for more information.