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Dermatology & Dermatoscopy

Who is our Dermatology (Skin) Special Interest Doctor?
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Dr Rana Najim is a Dermatology Special Interest Doctor who works at Willesden Green Surgery. She is currently undertaking a Dermatology Fellowship at Central Middlesex Hospital dealing with complex skin and hair conditions.

As a hospital dermatology fellow, Dr Rana can provide our patients with specialist treatments, usually only available in hospitals, such as intralesional steroid injections for conditions such as keloid scars, alopecia areata and localised psoriasis.

From acne to eczema to unusual moles you are welcome to see Dr Rana in-house at Willesden Green Surgery!

What is Dermatoscopy?


Dermatoscopy refers to the examination of the skin using a special, well-lit hand-held microscope to better visualise skin problems.

Dr Rana may use our in-house dermatoscope to assess any complex skin conditions.

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How do I contact Dr Rana?


We have an eConsult system that allows you to simply upload a picture of your skin and Dr Rana will be in touch with her professional opinion, or may arrange for you to come in for dermatoscopy.


You can easily contact Dr Rana by submitting your photos and describing your skin symptoms.  

Please make sure your skin photos are taken with good lighting, and please upload different angles!

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